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Lakeland Window Film

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Vinyl is so versatile that many types are designed specifically for window and glass applications. Whether you are wanting to create an eye-catching window display or would like to provide patrons with privacy, Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. has the perfect vinyl solution for you!

custom promotional window vinyl restaurantPromotional displays may often include cut vinyl elements that are applied using either a static-cling adhesion or are held in place using a temporary sticky glue. This type of window vinyl is ideal for businesses that need to update their promotional displays due to seasonal changes or as new products and services become available. Easy to remove and reuse, this type of vinyl can be used for multiple applications when stored correctly, making them a smart, affordable display solution.

Privacy window film is fast becoming the go-to option for professional service providers, restaurants, and offices that don’t want the permanence or expense associated with frosted or etched glass panes or those who operate from a rented space and are unable to remove and replace entire window panes.

Window clings and film are available in a variety of styles and textures, and can easily be customized to include your logo or message for that high-end, professional look you’ve always wanted!

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Promotional Displays

custom vinyl window displayWindow film is ideal for giving your business that dynamic, up-to-date appeal. At Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc., we help you create decorative displays out of glass spaces, and we help you use those decorative displays to advertise your brand and motivate viewers to purchase your services and products. Affordable, highly customizable, easy to remove/replace/reuse, window stickers and films can serve as promotional displays for seasonal updates, sales, announcements, new products, and services, etc. We can create individual graphic elements, or completely cover your windows with your custom marketing message.

One of the best features of promotional window films is that they don’t limit your advertising within your establishment. They can also give you the power to reach and impact audiences everywhere your vehicle goes with perforated vehicle window film.

custom vinyl car window graphicsUsing high-quality perforated window film on your side and rear windows, we can make your vehicle perfect advertising canvas. Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. is all about taking care of clients, so we make sure that the window decals we use on your windows are see-through. We make sure that they do not compromise the driver’s view and do not get in the way of road safety.

Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. has been a trusted full-service signs provider for years now so you can count on us to deliver the kind of service that your business needs. Whether it’s custom-crafting promotional designs, printing full-color window decals, professionally installing window clings, and cleanly removing outdated window films, Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. has got you covered.

Privacy Window Film

frosted privacy filmAffordable, easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to replace, window films are a practical solution for businesses that want to provide a degree of privacy but aren’t quite ready to invest in replacing entire glass panes. Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. has a wide selection of window films to choose from, so you’re sure to find a signage option that best fits your business needs as well as your budget.

A popular choice for our customers would be frosted films. They offer some translucency to your windows, perfect for businesses that are aiming for a soft, relaxed vibe. A Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. frosted film’s matte finish also makes it great for diffusing harsh light, reducing glare, providing shade, and providing cooling.

Another option you can go with would be one-way mirror films. Available in a variety of shades, grades, and types, one-way mirror films by Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. make glass and windows highly reflective on one side (giving it a mirror effect) while remaining relatively transparent on the other side. They also offer extra protection from harmful UV rays.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom vinyl letteringLighthouse Signs Services, Inc. has been doing signs, graphics, decals, and films for a long time, and we’re confident in the quality of signage that we produce. With a strong team, high-quality materials, top-of-the-line equipment, and excellent work ethic, we are the window film provider you might just be looking for.

We handle all aspects of sign-making and can help you out every step of the way. From planning, design, printing, installation, maintenance, and even removal, you can surely count on Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc..

Free Window Film Consultation

Having been a trusted local signage and decal provider, we know how important it is for businesses like you to partner with a company you can trust. Lighthouse Signs Services, Inc. can be that company. We are dedicated to delivering the best signage design for your brand, the highest quality window films for your business, clean, professional installation, and outstanding support for your peace of mind.

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